Draymond Green is not only known for his ability to fill still the stat sheet-- he is also an expert at trolling anyone and everyone around the NBA. Whether it's on the court or on the internet, Draymond is always looking for a mental advantage over his opponents.

Kyle Kuzma was no exception. After facing LeBron and the Cavaliers, the Lakers rookie took to Instagram to post a picture of him defending LeBron James. Everything was cool until Draymond decided to let everyone know what else happened after the picture:

Wow, Draymond really does NOT care who you are or which team you play for! If he sees a chance to get in your head, he's going to take it.

Kuzma was just minding his own business and was probably really excited to be able to guard LeBron. He refers to him as a "King," so you know there is real respect there. But Green just couldn't resist coming out of nowhere to tell the young forward that he got scored on during that particular play.

This is nothing out of the ordinary, of course. It's just Draymond being Draymond.