​The surge of sexual harassment allegations has spread into the sports world and ESPN already. 

Just after the network suspended Donovan McNabb and Eric Davis over allegations from a former employee at NFL Network, now ESPN has another set of big names connected to sexual harassment. 

SportsCenter anchor John Buccigross and fantasy football writer Matthew Berry were accused of sexual harassment in a Boston Globe report.

These allegations include claims that Buccigross sent unsolicited shirtless pictures to an employee and that Berry led an employee to a strip club without her knowing where they were going. 

The accuser of Buccigross is former ESPN employee Adrienne Lawrence, who also said that when she complained about Buccigross' actions to a supervisor, she was told to drop the matter. 

On top of that, she claims after speaking out, she received less on-air time and was ultimately not brought back at the end of her fellowship. 

ESPN employee Jenn Sterger claims that Berry took her to a strip club without her knowing where they were going, and that he later made inappropriate sexual comments towards her. 

Berry denies the claims, and ESPN said the company has done investigations into the complaints and no wrongdoings were found.