It once seemed like we were going to see a lot of Robert Griffin III on Sundays. Two straight 3,000 yard seasons with 16 or more touchdowns had RGIII looking like he was set to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL for years to come.

Fast forward four years, and it's suddenly newsworthy when the former Heisman Trophy winner claims that the Baltimore Ravens contacted him about starting a preseason game this year:


Griffin talked about it as a guest on ESPN's NFL Live this week while also expressing the hope to get back into the NFL someday soon. He claims that, along with the Ravens, ​he's had some interesting offers from other teams but turned them down:​​

​​This is a guy who many thought of as a better prospect than Andrew Luck when entering the NFL. I suppose it's now hard to say Luck was a home run given his shoulder issue, but he's still undoubtedly been more successful than RGIII.

While Griffin might possibly get another shot down the road, the chances of seeing the dual-threat QB he once was are slim-to-none.