The Los Angeles Angels shocked the world last week when they managed to swipe Shohei Ohtani off the market from the six other teams that were vying for his services. The Japanese star is famously known for his ability to pitch and hit at a tremendously high level.

However, this latest news will SURELY affect his ability to pitch with the Angels moving forward.

You can bet this is the LAST thing the Angels were signing up for when they paid a $20 million posting fee plus the contract they offered Ohtani. This type of news, after all of this has already gone down, is absolutely stunning.

The fact that it's gotten this far, presumably, without any of the interested teams knowing, is pretty shocking.

The good news is that this is the least severe of UCL injuries and Ohtani will be able to participate in full baseball activities moving forward. However, any further damage to his UCL will most likely result in extensive rehab or even Tommy John surgery, which would sideline him for at least a year.

The report also revealed a "small floating body" in his elbow near his UCL, which is also not a good sign.

Whatever the case, this is extremely concerning news that the Angels will have to monitor closely with their 23-year-old star.