Sometimes, it's hard not to focus on the negatives. 

During last night's matchup on Monday Night Football between the Patriots and the Dolphins, there were plenty of takeaways one could make. You could focus on Kenyan Drake's big night, the great defensive performance by Miami, or more importantly,  Brady's third-straight performance that wasn't up to his standards.

Instead, a few Vikings players took to Twitter to focus on something else revolving around Tom Brady- the love he gets from officials. 

​​That's a pretty odd thing to hang on, Everson. 

Brady may have been bailed out on a roughing the passer call in the fourth quarter, but it's hard to say the officials in Miami were favoring one quarterback or the other. 

Unless you're employed by the Minnesota Vikings apparently.

​​Alright, now that's absolutely a stretch. 

It's tweets like these that fuel the "you hate us cause you ain't us" attitude of Pats nation. Keenum clearly wouldn't have been pushed down. In fact, there's pretty clear evidence saying the exact opposite. 

You can ignore the Titanic music at the end, and focus on the fact that Diggs' statement is completely wrong. 

If the Vikings end up meeting New England in the Super Bowl, they better not bring those excuses along the way.