​This is just about as bad as it's going to get for the city of Philadelphia.

Eagles QB Carson Wentz took a nasty hit in the third quarter of today's game against the Rams, but he stayed in for the next few plays to finish off the drive. However, he was evaluated, went to the locker room, and was then ruled out of the rest of contest due to a knee injury.

Well, it doesn't look like this will be the only game he'll miss.

Many were expecting the injury to be bad, considering how quickly these events transpired, but this is absolutely devastating. ​​With the ​training staff's reaction, coupled with this video, Eagles fans are surely bracing for the worst.

And now, pending an MRI, we've heard exactly what we feared.

That will end his remarkable season, unless an actual Hail Mary results in a medical miracle.

Wentz has arguably been the main reason the Eagles have been so successful this season, and now it appears as if Nick Foles could be under center between now and the playoffs.

Eagles fans will be very, very drunk today, and rightfully so. Perhaps checking back in the AM would be more wise.