This is painful. Just when you thought the Browns may finally be on the right track, news like this comes out and reminds you that they are still, in fact, the Cleveland Browns. 

According to Mike Lombardi, ​the recently ousted Browns general manager Sashi Brown was involved the search for his own replacement. 

It's hard to imagine a more insulting move than that. 

In a situation straight out of "The Office" episode when Michael unknowingly interviews for his girlfriend's job, Sashi Brown was under the impression that he would continue working with the team and was simply looking for someone to add to the franchise. 

He had no idea he was on his way out. 

​​Regardless of how you feel about Brown's tenure in Cleveland, this just seems flat out wrong. 

​Meanwhile, Hue Jackson remains. But now that we know the details of how the team treated Sashi Brown, anything can happen in Cleveland. 

That is, except a successful season.