​Rejoice, college football fans. The best player in the sport won the Heisman trophy, and a few on-field shenanigans did NOT hold him back.

Despite being snubbed for several national awards the last few weeks, including best QB in college football and best walk-on in the sport (an actual award, yes), Mayfield ran away with the Heisman. It's Oklahoma's sixth, and a moment the senior and likely future early-round draft pick won't forget.

Mayfield's been mired in controversy for the wrong reason several times this year, including when he planted a flag in Ohio Stadium turf after a massive W over the Buckeyes, and after grabbing his crotch and motioning towards the Kansas bench in response to Jayhawk players snubbing him of a handshake before the coin toss.

But, if Johnny Manziel can take home the most coveted award in college sports, why can't Mayfield? Those that have a problem with this have probably aged beyond the point of watching 'amateurs' play a game for fun.

Congrats, Baker. You've earned this.