​It's been a weird year, guys.

2017 continues to top itself in amount of "extra" possible for one 12-month period. We're on the brink of war with North Korea. Everyone you've ever admired could very well be guilty of sexual harassment. A reality star is president AND he's spending his time getting into petulant online disputes with a basketball dad.

If the fact that the Donald Trump-LaVar Ball beef wasn't on-brand enough for you, consider the fact that LaVar just tweeted what appears to be a homemade (very crudely, if I might add) GIF of himself dunking over the President of the United States, with the flabbergasted Commander-in-Chief saltily tweeting about it.

​​Yep. This is the world we live in.

Here's the full GIF for you to consume and inevitably roll your eyes at:

Remember when the goofiest thing coming out of the White House was Bill Clinton playing sax on Arsenio? I miss those days.

Mercifully, 2017 ends in just over three weeks. Hopefully, 2018 is a lot more sane.

Otherwise, God help us all.