​The Marlins drought continues, which has spurred attention all across the world of baseball of a potential trade of Miami's best slugger.

Giancarlo Stanton is easily one of the top talents in the majors. He's a four-time MLB All-Star and reigning NL MVP. Stanton remains the sole reason behind the Marlins relevance as the team hasn't made the postseason since 2003.

Fourteen years removed from the Marlins last stint with relevance, the Marlins finished with a 77-85 record in the NL East and look to still be very much up to their usual losing ways.

Should Stanton want out?

Stanton's talent, while undeniable, is somewhat going to waste in Miami. 

He's paid his dues to that team and the fan base and still harbors good will towards the organization. Winning, however, just isn't their forte and Stanton has to decide whether or not he'll waive his no-trade clause and elect to ultimately play in San Francisco or St. Louis.

The Giants reportedly feel that decision is looming.

Wherever ​​Stanton ends up will certainly create a massive ripple effect in the MLB. For now, we wait and see what the 28-year-old slugger will decide.