Want to see a team's beating heart get ripped out of their chest and stomped on?

You've come to the right place.

With less than 20 seconds remaining in a tight two-point game between ​the Cavaliers and the Kings, Sacramento needed a stop and the Cavs needed a bucket to extend their 12-game winning streak.

Naturally, the Cavs got the ball into the hands of the game's best player and he did the rest.

​I mean, what else can you say? That's LBJ. There's a reason why he'll finish top five all-time.

Not many like to consider James a jump shooter because of all of the other things that he does on the court so well, but give LeBron an open shot or a contested three-pointer in money time, and more often than not, you're going to pay for it.

And that one tied the Cavaliers' franchise record!

James is currently shooting career-bests at 58.4 percent from the floor and 41.6 percent from three-point range. Those percentages this season are both better than those of James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Steph Curry.

You may not think of James as one of the best shooters in the game today, but the numbers tell an entirely different story.