Most Lucrative Endorsement Deals in the NFL

There are new unprecedented contract deals every year in sports. With a shoe deal this year, one NFL player officially signed the largest endorsement deal in NFL history. There may be a new top earner atop the list, but there are some familiar faces among the most lucrative deals in football. 

5. Tom Brady

Brady might be the best player in the NFL, but he doesn't make the most in endorsements. His top endorsers are Tag Heuer, Simmons Bedding, Uggs, and Under Armour, and they combine to pay him $8 million a year. His new brand 

4. Russell Wilson

Like most NFL stars, Wilson had his on-field success followed up with multiple endorsement deals. Among the Seahawks quarterback's most lucrative of deals is with Bose. He's been in multiple commercials for the company, including one with Seattle rapper Macklemore. The humble man brings in $10 million in endorsements every year. 

3. Cam Newton

Cam Newton may have lost some of his endorsements after his questionable press conferences, but Newton is still one of the highest paid players in the sport. Newton's known for his style off the field, but he has Under Armour to thank for his swag on the field. Along with Under Armour, his deals with Gatorade and EA Sports help the former MVP bring in $12 million a year. 

2. Drew Brees

Drew Brees is following in Brett Favre's footsteps in the record books and in pants. Brees is the Wrangler quarterback in the NFL now, and makes a lot of money from it. In addition to the jeans brand, Brees has endorsements with Verizon, Nike, Pepsi, and more. That adds up to over $12 million on top of his salary. 

1. Odell Beckham Jr

Another player known for his swagger on and off the field, Odell Beckham Jr is the one that cashed in the most from it. Beckham signed a $25 million contract with Nike this past spring. It is now the largest shoe deal in the sport. If you've seen any of his cleats these past few years, you'll know he's making the most of the deal.