​Someone make him President of the NFLPA right this minute. 

While the NFL claims to be trying to make the game safer, Roger Goodell has made the mess in front of him a bit more complicated. He's imposed fines despite having no professional experience. 

Mike Mitchell has plenty of experience, and he called out the commissioner today in an awesome rant. 

Mitchell went on a rant today about how the fine system is stupid and that it penalizes defenders in situations where they don't make mistakes necessarily. He also called out the media, particularly Matt Hasselbeck, for judging him based on certain plays. 

Mitchell went on to say that the players need to do a better job of negotiating in the CBA, because that's where a new fine system should be put in place. The players know how to protect themselves better than anyone. 

The safety has a point when he says that a lot of those plays happen because a QB makes bad throws. It's not about targeting so much as this game is very fluid, and things change from moment to moment. 

Something has to change, and it can't all be by Goodell's hands.