6 Most Lucrative Sneaker Deals in the NBA

While the NBA has become the league most known for handing out insane contracts, striking a sneaker deal isn't as easy. It takes a certain skill set between having talent, representing a company, and hauling in a return for the brand. 

Over the years, more and more brands are reaching out to superstars trying to make them the face of the company. With that said, here are the most lucrative sneaker deals currently taking place in the NBA. 

6. Damian Lillard & Adidas

Unlike all the names to come, Damian Lillard hasn't received as much respect in the NBA world. However, he might not need it considering the 10-year, $100 million contract he signed with Adidas. 

Put this together with the deal he signed in Portland, and the Trail Blazers star is making nearly  $40 million per year. He might not be the best star in the league, but Dame D.O.L.L.A. is definitely getting his money. 

5. Derrick Rose & Adidas

Although the rise and fall of Derrick Rose was tragic, his peak years saw him do things that not many NBA players can accomplish. On the court, Rose led the Bulls to the top seed in the East, took them to the Conference Finals, and won the Most Valuable Player Award. 

Off the court, Rose signed a massive deal with Adidas that brought him $185 million. His days as a star might be over, but he was the first major signing for Adidas in quite some time. In fact, Derrick Rose could be considered a savior for the brand. 

4. James Harden & Adidas

Unfortunately for Adidas, they've had to compete with Nike to sign some of the top names in the NBA. For that reason alone, players receive lengthier deals with the company. Luckily for James Harden he was offered a 13-year, $200 million contract with Adidas. 

Although Adidas was once associated with injured players like Derrick Rose, they've found success with Harden. If the bearded star guard can capture the MVP trophy this season, it would be the company's first since D-Rose. 

3. Kevin Durant & Nike

He might be one of the more criticized athletes in the NBA, but Kevin Durant has built a strong resume. After last season, Durant finally added the title of champion under his belt. However, even if he didn't get the task done, he'd still be sitting with a hefty shoe contract. 

In 2014, KD signed a 10-year, $300 million deal with Nike. What might be crazier, is that it might be a steal of a signing. Considering all the great merchandise that has come from Durant's decision to sign with Golden State, he might end his career making more money than Kobe Bryant.

2. Russell Westbrook & Jordan

This offseason was one of richest for Russell Westbrook, as the star OKC guard received extensions with his sneaker deal and NBA contract. While getting a max-contract with the Thunder is impressive, being named the highest-paid endorser under the Jordan Brand might be a bigger honor.

Considering it's Jordan's company, Westbrook should feel a sense of pride in being the face for the current wave of stars. The fact that he signed a 10-year deal with the brand, just shows the trust they have in Russell Westbrook being the face of the company. 

1. LeBron James & Nike

When you're LeBron James, the world seems to fit in the palm of your hands. Not only is the King making top dollar in the NBA as a player, but he also has an insane lifetime deal with Nike, worth over $1 billion. 

It seems like every postseason, LeBron drops an amazing new design for his kicks. Whether Nike is creating new pairs for the Ohio State basketball team, or the NBA Finals, this lucrative contract was definitely worth it.  

What makes LeBron James and his relationship with Nike so special, is the fact that he signed with them at such a young age. The moment James entered the league, companies knew they'd have a bidding war for him. It turns out Nike was the clear winner of the King's services.