A no-trade clause makes all trade negotiations more interesting because the player has all the power. Giancarlo Stanton being traded is inevitable at this point, but where he goes is not yet determined.

The San Francisco Giants have been rumored to be the most likely destination for Stanton, but he has not yet approved that trade. The Marlins have already agreed to the framework of a deal with both the Giants and the Cardinals, and are waiting for his decision. 

However, San Francisco doesn't view St. Louis as the biggest threat to land Stanton.

​​The Dodgers and Marlins have yet to agree on a framework for a trade, and it's been said the Dodgers aren't even interested because acquiring Stanton would significantly increase their payroll, which was the highest in the league last year. Additionally, their talks with the Marlins regarding Stanton haven't been significant.

So, although it's been believed LA is Stanton's preferred destination, it'd odd that the Giants view the Dodgers as the biggest threat considered what has developed thus far.

With all of this news coming out, along with Stanton's desire to play on the West Coast, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that the Cardinals may no longer be in the mix for Stanton.