Dallas Keuchel went from looking kind of dumb to a hero really quickly. 

The All-Star is as big a part of Houston's resurgence as any of their young offensive stars. While Houston's bats get all the accolades, Keuchel still pitched like an ace when needed.

According to a new report, he did so while dealing with a foot injury, the same ailment he claimed occurred at the World Series parade. Huh? 

It all started after the World Series parade, when TMZ spotted Keuchel in a walking boot. He told TMZ he fell during the parade and that's why his foot was injured, but a new report claims he was dealing with the injury since around August. 

Quietly, Keuchel might have pulled off the troll of the year.

Reports vary from a minor foot sprain to a case of Plantar Faciitis, but either way, it's clear that Keuchel was dealing with this all through the postseason.

The report states that Keuchel will be ready for spring training, so it's not a big deal at all. 

The timing of this injury, as well as his ability to pitch through it, should only increase the respect given to Keuchel as one of the toughest pitchers in the game.