​He may not know how to manage a clock, but Andy Reid certainly has guts. 

Reid's Chiefs are in a complete free fall, sitting at 6-6 after starting the season with five straight wins. They're now in a three-way tie for the AFC West, and their next two games are against Oakland and Los Angeles, making it a crucial stretch. 

Despite the importance of this week's game against the Raiders, Reid has decided to suspend star corner Marcus Peters for his antics on Sunday. 

The Chiefs secondary was a total mess on Sunday, getting ripped to shreds by Josh McCown. Peters himself played well, but Steven Nelson was continuously picked apart, and a few penalties were committed on KC's final goal-line stand. 

One of those was a holding penalty by Nelson, to which Peters responded by picking up the flag and throwing it into the stands. It appeared as though Peters was ejected, but he ended up coming back. First, though, he left the field. 

Reid is going out on a limb to make a point to his team here. This secondary was torched by Oakland early in the season, and this is a must-win game. Give Reid credit for putting the integrity of his team ahead of winning a game. 

KC closes out its season with Miami and Denver, so they'll probably go 8-8 even if they lose to the Raiders and Chargers anyway. Reid probably won't be on the hot seat if they lose those two games. 

Teaching Peters a valuable lesson during a tough season might end up being more valuable in the long run.