The Steelers and Bengals played in what ought to be termed a gladiator fight rather than a football game on Monday night. 

The long-standing rivalry has frequently gotten out of hand, but MNF was a new low, specifically after a JuJu Smith-Schuster helmet-to-helmet block on Vontaze Burfict, which was clearly intentional. 

JuJu then stood over his victim, taunting Burfict as he lay on the turf with a concussion.

Whether Burfict had it coming is irrelevant, as one should never look to even the score with perhaps the most villainous player in pro football.

As a result, Smith-Schuster has been suspended for a game, pending appeal. The former USC wideout's teammate came to his defense on twitter, however, with a scathing review of Roger Goodell's leadership.

Mike Mitchell from the top rope!

Simple enough. Had the rant ended there, we wouldn't have much to argue about.

​Mitchell views JuJu and Gronk's even suspensions as a skewed precedent, stating that one was clearly more violent than the other.

And now for the haymaker.

Sure ya wanna team up with the man who wants to cut players for kneeling during the anthem? 

Fair enough, we'll let this one go as a solid troll, but Mitchell's viewpoint is biased, speaking as a teammate of a rookie who might have just tainted his reputation with one swift yet merciless motion.

We know where his priorities lie.