​Could we potentially be seeing the return of Jon Gruden to an NFL sideline?

The former head coach turned ESPN analyst addressed rumors that he would make a run at the New York Giants position that opened yesterday with the firing of Ben McAdoo. 

And anybody who thought Gruden would just brush it off like he has with the plethora of other coaching job rumors that have been linked to his name recently might be caught off-guard by his response. 

After being asked by co-ho Sean McDonough if he would consider accepting the Giants job, Gruden responded, “Don’t believe half of that stuff you hear and read, Sean.”

Ok, cool, got you Jon. But when McDonough followed up and asked if he would take the over/under on 35:1 odd he would be the coach of the Giants, Gruden said: "I’ll take the under on that if Eli comes back." 

And boom goes the dynamite. 

So basically, Eli Manning is the key to securing Gruden, which would be absolutely huge for New York. Gruden has proven success in the NFL, winning a Super Bowl title with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Plus, players love him. And from his response, it definitely seems like he's got the coaching bug once again. 

This would be a great fit for the Giants as well. They have the pieces to create a contending team, they just need a spark, which Gruden would provide easily.

Fans are already getting their hopes up:

If the Giants really even needed another reason to keep Eli Manning around, especially after this week, this should make the decision even easier.