​One of the knocks on baseball is that it's slow. Since games aren't timed, the MLB has gone to lengths to figure out how to cut down on time between pitches, much like how the NFL has a play clock in between snaps.

As part of ongoing pace of play initiatives, the MLB instituted a rule that batters have to keep at least one foot inside batter's box in between pitches. Those who don't are vulnerable to fines.

This got a lot of players to work faster, but others just wouldn't budge. Baltimore's Adam Jones is one of those holdouts, as he reported on an episode of MLB Now that he was fined almost $50,000 by the league for his inability to embrace pace of play rules.

With Jones shelling out such major dough, he is actually getting better at cutting down on time between swings. Years ago, before the rule, Jones would foul off a pitch, walk 15 feet towards the dugout and then come back for the next pitch. Not so anymore.

Jones may not be a fan of the pace of play initiative, but the fact is that one baseball game can take a long time, and useless meandering around in between pitches is just wasting everyone's time, particularly the fans.

​They pay pay good money to watch baseball, not to watch Adam Jones go for a stroll.