Out of all the actions LaVar Ball has made over the past year, this definitely takes the cake. Forget about the fact that he pulled LaMelo out of Chino Hills. Disregard the idea of him trash talking the Lakers' coaching staff. 

In a stunning decision, LaVar Ball has decided to pull LiAngelo Ball out of UCLA. After all that LiAngelo has gone through over the past two months, this just takes the drama to another level. 

The reasoning for LaVar's move to remove his son from UCLA, might be the worst ever seen. According to reports, he was frustrated that the team suspended LiAngelo for his involvement in the shoplifting incident. 

While LiAngelo's spirit was broken down like his father said, there needs to be some form of consequence for breaking the law.

Considering the fiasco it caused at UCLA, suspending him was the least of the problem.

However, for LaVar to pull his son out because of this suspension is just asinine. It shows immaturity and an inability to take on responsibility.  

Perhaps the worst part of this whole drama, is that LaVar wants to explore other options as if this is free agency for LiAngelo Ball. 

After all the success and hype that Lonzo Ball brought back to UCLA, it's crazy to see how fast it can go within a year. 

On the same day that the Los Angeles Lakers find a way to stop LaVar Ball from talking to the media, he shows that he can still dominate the headlines.