​The problems continue for LaVar Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers are now enforcing "an existing policy" that no longer allows members of the media to congregate in a section of the arena among family and associates of players after games.

Many employees in the Lakers organization are viewing this as the "LaVar Ball rule."

​​Before this rule was put in place, media members socialized, and sometimes interviewed, individuals in a sector of the arena designated for family and associates of players.

"It's not a new policy; it's an existing policy," a team spokesperson said. "There has been more media presence in that area than before. That section is strictly for family and guests of players. It's a privacy concern."

It's hard to imagine that the Lakers didn't put this rule in place because of LaVar Ball or else none of this would have happened up to this point. Ball has done post-game interviews on the court, occasionally making critical comments about the team.

This is certainly an effort by the Lakers to neutralize the distraction for Lonzo Ball, in addition to the rest of the team.

Hopefully, Lonzo Ball and the Lakers can just go out and play basketball now.