​Just a few weeks ago, the entire country was ready to appoint Gus Malzahn as the next head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. Little did we know, the Auburn boss was presumably using those rumors to earn himself a fatter contract with the Tigers. 

Boy, did it ever work. 

And Auburn just might have made a mistake as a result.

The contract will make Malzahn the fourth-highest paid coach in all of college football. Not that Gus isn't a solid coach, but are we really, really sure about this decision, Auburn? We're talking about a guy who owns just two seasons with nine or more wins across five years with the school, and has strong history with Arkansas as a player and coach.

That connection isn't going away, even with nearly $50 in the cards.

I'm willing to bet a whole lot that Malzahn doesn't last more than five years of the seven-year, $49 million contract. There will surely be a more lucrative SEC job that opens up for which his name is mentioned. And when that happens, it will be more than just be rumors.

Again, all of this is not to say that Gus Malzahn is a bad coach. Far from it. But from the school's perspective, it's just not a good contract.