​The Sooners are heading to the College Football Playoffs following a big win against TCU in the Big 12 Championship. 

Baker Mayfield led the team to a dominant 41-17 victory over the Horned Frogs, and Sooners' fans should feel blessed that he's the man under center. 

During the championship game, Dr. Pepper hosted a halftime contest in which a fan had to throw 23 footballs into a huge can of Dr. Pepper in order to win a prize. Seems easy enough right? 

Well, the Oklahoma fan who took the field to participate in the challenge seemed to think he was at a Sooners' basketball game. Rather than throw the football like they're meant to be thrown, the fan hilariously shoves the ball forward with both hands, as if he were doing a chest pass in basketball. 

It's safe to say that this lucky fan has put himself on the map and he should be expecting some phone calls from the Browns over the next few days, urging him to submit his name for the NFL Draft. 

You don't see form like that every day, and everyone from DeShone Kizer to Lonzo Ball should be taking notes on how to pass like this guy, as he is clearly a dual-sport athlete. 

To merge basketball and football like that is a truly special gift, and this fan was on fire while bricking the throws from five yards away.