​Jimbo Fisher is about to get PAID.

Fisher left a stable situation in Tallahassee for whatever uncertainty awaits him in College Station, and we now know why.

While various rumors were floated as to what Fisher's contract would look like with Texas A&M, the dominos are finally starting to fall. Everything is bigger in Texas, even the contracts.

You have to credit the Aggies athletic department here. They attracted the top target on the coaching market--and one most schools didn't even know was available. 

While we weren't in the meeting, we imagine Scott Woodward handed Fisher a blank check and a pen, offering to match a magic number.

The school's boosters stepped up to bat, plucking one of the top coaches in college football from a comfortable home. Money talks, and Jimbo couldn't leave that much cash on the table.

In today's college football, coaches rarely stay in one location for a decade. Fisher believed one disappointing season for the Seminoles was a sign of things to come, and bolted before the athletic department had a chance to pin him down as the problem.

Now, he's the richest man in college football, and another valuable addition to the SEC West.