NBA fans are some passionate people.

Christopher Hudspeth used the domain "Hooplu" to create an awesome comic book styled, Rick and Morty themed, short story titled-- Shaq and Kobe: Inter-dimensional NBA. ​

For those who don't know, Rick and Morty is a wildly popular show from adult swim on Cartoon Network--it tells the story of a mad scientist (Rick) and the adventures he goes on in with his family and specifically his grandson (Morty).

Nobody really saw this ​NBA version coming though. To read through the entire strip, follow this ​link.


Hudspeth really does a good job here. Whether it is the plot revolving around the Kobe-Shaq dynamic, or the basketball playing Kardashians.


Or even Kawhi Leonard being an extrovert, and Skip Bayless being the best basketball player in the world.


The plot ends with an intriguing cliff hanger in which Kobe discovers his father Joe Bryant still playing in the NBA, and realizes what that might mean for his own existence.

Rick and Morty seem to be popping up all over the NBA world in recent days.

NBA fans are really the best in the world, and this Rick and Morty themed Kobe-Shaq adventures is one of the more creative things we've seen in awhile.