​It looks like ASU is upgrading, big time.

After firing Todd Graham this weekend, the Sun Devils are thinking big and bold. The Pac-12 continues to get competitive, and they need to think outside the box.

That is EXACTLY what athletic director Ray Anderson is doing with his latest move.

​​On Sunday,  Anderson announced the dismissal of Graham, and names of potential replacements started swirling around in the rumor mill. We can't say many people saw this coming, but Herm Edwards, pending an approval by the University's president Dr. Michael Crow, will no longer be an ESPN analyst

Edwards has eight years of head coaching experience, and is without question qualified to take on a role at the collegiate level. In consideration of Edwards' candidacy for the job, Anderson was intrigued in part, according to a source, by the way in which Edwards impressed Alabama coach Nick Saban in annual talks he's given to players at the school in recent years. He's also been involved in the Under Armor All-American Game, so his touch with the younger generation is up to par. 

Arizona State is looking to build up the football program with professionals such as Herm Edwards, and rightfully so. He should be a great fit with the Sun Devils.