​Ah, the life of kings.

There's been much discussion about who rules the various dominions of the NBA, and New York Knicks big man and social media assassin Enes Kanter didn't take too kindly to LeBron James' recent suggestion that he himself was, in fact, ​the King of New York.

​Well, King James found himself ejected from Tuesday night's Heat-Cavaliers game in Cleveland. It was the first time in his career that he's been tossed, amazingly enough. And Kanter, ​who will be beefing with LeBron probably until he dies, was not about to be one to miss an opportunity to crown the true hero of the situation, per his estimation:

Hot. FIRE! If you're a LeBron-hater, Kanter's nasty riff is nothing short of Turkish Delight. If you worship LBJ, however, there's probably nothing more infuriating.

​That's exactly how Kanter wants it. After all, we're talking about a crazy person who would probably willingly fight a gorilla or a bear at the drop of a hat if he was in the mood. He certainly bows to no king.

No, Kanter's Knicks can't hold a candle to LeBron and the Cavs. But there's something to be said for shouting out referee Kane Fitzgerald, whose family probably appreciates the publicity.'

Don't ever change, Enes.