​Apparently a 1-5 start was enough to make UTEP's (now former) head coach, Tim Floyd, retire. 

The decision to step down came out of nowhere as Floyd notified the UTEP brass following Monday night's loss to Lamar:

​​You always wonder what's going through a coach's head, especially in a scenario like this. Was this premeditated? Or did Floyd sort of just make a decision right on the spot knowing that he didn't have the same passion as before?

Regardless of the reason, Floyd enjoyed a long coaching career with stints both at the NBA and NCAA level. He coached the Chicago Bulls for four seasons and the Charlotte Hornets for one, appearing in the playoffs during that long season.

On the college side, Floyd is probably best known for his days as head coach for the USC Trojans, where he made the NCAA tournament three times, the same number of times he qualified while coaching at Iowa State. 

If this is it for Floyd, congratulations on a long coaching career.