Could this team be the frontrunner for Giancarlo Stanton?

Reports keep emerging about where Stanton may land, with the Red Sox reportedly having "tepid" interest at this point and the Dodgers reportedly being his ​top preferred destination.

Stanton recently gave the Marlins a list of teams that he would waive his no-trade for, which gave the baseball world more to talk about.

But one team has been linked to Stanton since the beginning. Although reports have surfaced about him about NOT wanting to be traded there, the St. Louis Cardinals are continuing to diligently pursue him. 

It looks like the Cardinals will continue to push for a viable trade and just hope that the Dodgers and Giants won't scrape together a deal that pleases all parties. 

Regardless of where he ends up, this mega-trade will take some more time, and it seems the Cardinals will be in the mix the whole way.