The news surrounding the head coaching situation at the University of Tennessee has been completely wild.

Greg Schiano was finalizing a deal with the school and then backed out after the Volunteers' fan base vehemently opposed it.

And now, in news absolutely no one saw coming, tight end Jason Witten has informed the Tennessee Athletic Director John Currie that he would be willing to leave the Dallas Cowboys and take the Tennessee coaching job.

Seriously. Catch your breath there for a second.

The Tennessee football program has had a whirlwind of a past few days, and this only adds insanity to the equation. After a full year or more of Grumors, to Greg Schiano gaining and losing the gig, to ​now Jason Witten potentially ending his 15-year career to return to his alma mater out of NOWHERE, this situation is truly bonkers.

From a guy who has stuck with the Dallas organization through thick and thin in his career, apparently Witten is ready to move on as the Cowboys are seemingly sinking this season.

If we look at this situation, how could John Currie not seriously consider Witten? At this point, because of the trashing the Volunteer fanbase just put Schiano through, any established head coach would be crazy to take this position.

Witten is a former Volunteer who has had one of the most respectable NFL careers in history and could be on his way to the hall of fame. Nothing bad has ever been said about this guy, and being a current player, he can help Tennessee in recruiting immediately. It's very intriguing.

Could Witten be on his way to Knoxville? At this point, Vols fans have to be keeping their attention on this.