There will decisions to make at the quarterback position in Washington next season. With Kirk Cousins an impending free agent, the Redskins could place the franchise tag on him again, but it's going to cost them upwards of $35 million. 

If that's not Dan Snyder's choice, the team could look in a different direction for a replacement. A surprise candidate in Minnesota could be Cousins' potential successor next season. 

That's right, we could be looking at Case Keenum as the starting quarterback for the Redskins.

After spending most of his first five seasons in the NFL as a backup, Keenum has found new life with the Vikings. He took over for Sam Bradford in Week 2 and hasn't looked back. The defensive dominance has helped, but Keenum is thriving under center this season. 

A move to the Redskins would make sense. Teddy Bridgewater is back and will likely be the Vikings' future at the position. Keenum is set to be an unrestricted free agent and would have weapons to work with in Washington.

But a potential move begs the question, is Keenum more than a one-year wonder? He hasn't had much success before this season and is almost 30. 

Some Redskins fans don't seem too convinced.

Solid starting quarterbacks are hard to find in today's NFL and it seems like Keenum is just a quarterback who's fit the system this season. 

No matter what, he's going to be asking for starting money next offseason. 

We'll just have to see if the Redskins will be the team that pays him.