This is definitely not the news the Washington Wizards were hoping to hear.

After All-Star point guard John Wall reportedly suffered a knee injury during the team's matchup with the Dallas Mavericks a few weeks ago, the Wizards sent him to undergo testing to determine the diagnosis, including an MRI.

While the MRI luckily didn't reveal any major damage, it didn't clear Wall to get back onto the court just yet. In fact, the team has announced that the superstar is expected to be out for the next two weeks:

This is going to be quite a blow to the Wizards, who have had a relatively rocky start but are clinging onto the 7th spot in the Eastern Conference right now. While Wall could come back as early as December 9, he's still slated to miss at least seven games at a crucial point of the season.

The news certainly isn't leaving Washington fans optimistic:

Hopefully, Wall's recovery goes smoothly and we see him back out on the court quickly.