Dude, run as fast as you possibly can and don't look back. 

During a high school 6A State finals game between the Maryville Patriots and Oakland Rebels, things got a little bit heated on the field, and no, we're not actually talking about the battle between the two teams, this one was actually an extracurricular sideline affair.

This cheerleader isn't messing around.

Did his eyes happen to drift to another cheerleader on the sideline that caused this strange fit of public jealousy and display? Or was he indeed asking about going out with the boys?

Eyes on the targets downfield, my man.

She kind of looks like a coach down there, yelling at her boyfriend that he better not party too hard after this victory or she'll have him running sprints and up/downs until he collapses. Forget the pom poms, somebody get this girl a headset!

Yup, we we're thinking the same thing here Twitter audience. 

He got the win and with the team scoring 10 points in the final eight minutes for a 31-28 win over Oakland, but you know for sure he's taking a loss when he returns to school. He's sure to get roasted by his buddies.

But at least things ended well!