​The Cleveland Cavaliers seem to be slowly figuring things out after a rough start to the season and now sit at 11-7, fourth in the Eastern Conference. 

But there's plenty of room for growth on that roster, and maybe a spare part who, ​due to family situations, might prefer to spend more time in Los Angeles?

One league source believes that Cleveland should and would entertain the idea of making a push for current Clipper, DeAndre Jordan:

​​Cleveland.com's Joe Vardon thinks the move would make sense for the Cavs so long as they believe he's the missing piece to beating the Warriors. In the article, Vardon explains that Jordan would work out perfectly as a one-year rental. He's got a $24.1 million player option for next season and could be dealt for a player like Tristan Thompson, with a first rounder potentially being involved. According to Vardon, the Cavs are mulling over such a move.

If the deal were to get done, the trio of LeBron, Isaiah Thomas and Jordan would be intriguing. Would three months of playing together be enough to have the Cavaliers prepared to make a real run at the Warriors? Who knows, though it sounds like the Cleveland brass might be willing to give it a try.