​No one can make it far in this world without the help of those they encountered along the way. This is an important message for everyone and Redskins cornerback Josh Norman is very thankful for those from his past this Thanksgiving.

Norman, who grew up in Greenwood, South Carolina, took an ad out in the local newspaper today with a very spiritual message to not only express his appreciation, but also give back.


Good on Norman for recognizing the need to help the youth who may be less fortunate than most and offer a helping hand.

NFL players without a doubt work hard to get to their position and get that nice NFL paycheck. Still, from their position of strength and wealth, they should give back to the community and help others achieve prosperity as well.

In a time in sport where we choose to focus on anthem protests and Papa Johns ending its partnership with the NFL, we should really be focusing on stories that promote a better world.

For all the players who give back, because Norman isn't the only one, thank you and hopefully you can inspire others to do the same as well.