Taiwan is a country that most people overlook when it comes to their athletic prowess. While countries like Japan and South Korea dominate the baseball world in Asia, Taiwan is slowly creeping up the ranks behind them. 

And it's plays like these that are going to have people start turning their heads out to Asia for more and more entertainment. With a runner at third, No. 31 here was tasked with laying down the suicide squeeze for an RBI. Only problem was the pitcher and catcher read it perfectly and threw the ball outside. 

So what was the batter to do? Launch his bat at the pitch and hope for the best of course!

​​That is the most unreal save you'll ever see. 

If that pitch reached home, the runner would've been out by a mile on the failed squeeze attempt. Instead, we all get to watch in awe at the most precise bath throw that any of us have ever seen.