Thanksgiving is always known as a holiday where you bond with your family members. NFL families are no different. 

Certain teams may be busy on Thanksgiving preparing for the games we get to watch throughout the day, but the Watt brothers will have the day off, in theory. Who knows if those two ever actually take a day off. 

They may be separated as JJ Watt plays in Houston while his little brother TJ is enjoying his rookie season in Pittsburgh, but that didn't stop them from wishing each other a happy holiday and taking a few playful shots at each other. 

Big brother JJ took to Twitter to post a conversation between him and TJ that may make your heart warm while making you laugh out loud at the same time. 

​​That's sibling love at it's finest. 

The Watt brothers clearly care for each other and wish each other nothing but the best, but that hasn't stopped them from going after one another. 

JJ has not only mentioned to the media that it was time for his little brother to start paying for dinners, and even stated his claim on why he should play fullback when he found out he'd be going up against his brother this season.

We won't get to see the Watts go head to head as JJ sits on the sidelines injury, but it's good to see these two share a verbal joust following some holiday compliments.