​Darrelle Revis had $6 million on the table this season regardless of whether he decided to play or not. 

To the surprise of many, he chose to take his talents to Kansas City late in the season. It's not necessarily that Revis doesn't belong in the league, even at this point in his career. It's that he would want to come in towards the end of the season, at a time in which Kansas City is undoubtedly struggling.

"The reason for me returning is the fire I have, the fuel I have to continue to play this game at a high level," Revis said.

There's little doubt that he can still contribute to any secondary in the league, either as a starter or nickel DB. 

"My role is to help win," Revis told reporters. "Whatever is best for the team, whether my position is playing a few downs or playing in the slot - wherever coach wants to play me and feels he can utilize me to help win.''

And there we have it. Revis won a Super Bowl with the Patriots several years ago, and seems to miss playing winning football. Now he'll get the chance to contribute once again.