6 Best Contracts in the NBA

So many players in the NBA bring in hundreds of millions of dollars on their contracts. They're all worth it, and then some if you ask me. But there are also some players who put up the numbers, but don't always make the same money. These are some of the best contracts in the NBA today.

6. Jaylen Brown - Boston Celtics

Just on the second year of his three-year, $14,869,440 rookie contract, Jaylen Brown's jump in production has definitely made him a steal. He's started every game for the Celtics this season and is averaging 10 more points and six more rebounds than he did last year. Not to mention that he has taken on the defensive responsibility of checking the opposing team's best player for most of a game. This young star is coming along quite nicely. If he keeps this up, he'll be set to make a whole lot more money on his next deal. 

5. Shabazz Napier - Portland Trail Blazers

Shabazz Napier came over to the Trail Blazers by way of the Magic last season and is in the midst of a four-year, $6,244,560 contract. In today's NBA, you might not find a young backup point guard who averages 7.7 points on 54.4 percent shooting in just 15 minutes off the bench for that cheap. Plus, he brings some hard-nosed energy to the Blazers when either Damian Lillard or CJ McCollum is getting a breather.

4. Tyreke Evans - Memphis Grizzlies

Evans is balling out on his one-year, $3,290,000 contract. He bet on himself, and it's definitely paying off. He's averaging 18 points per game on 50 percent shooting (41.2 percent from three) off the bench. He's easily one of the best value players in the NBA this season. Memphis definitely got a good amount of bang for their buck with this one.

3. Nikola Jokic - Denver Nuggets

The versatile center is a steal with a contract that sits at 3 years / $4,075,500. Nikola Jokic does it all for the Nuggets, averaging 15.6 points, 11.4 rebounds, and 4.4 assists. He's also shooting over 50 percent from the field and 89.6 percent from the free throw line. Pretty impressive.

2. Kyle Anderson - San Antonio Spurs

The man the Spurs affectionately nicknamed "Slow Mo" is definitely a major value on the last leg of his rookie contract. He's a versatile player who has the size, length and ball-handling ability to play the anything front point guard to power forward in most NBA systems. He's just playing behind seasoned vets in San Antonio, so minutes are limited. If he ever decides to leave, expect him to get some extra dough and show out on the court. 

1. Kevin Durant - Golden State Warriors

When you think about what he really should be making, Durant's  two-year, $51,250,000 deal is incredibly reasonable. He's an NBA champion, scoring champion, league MVP, Finals MVP, and multiple-time All Star. He could get a super-max deal anywhere he wants, but took a drastic pay cut to stay with Golden State. Safe to say when his time rolls around, KD will be getting PAID.