Hall of Fame second baseman Joe Morgan shook the baseball world on Tuesday morning with one email.

With the Class of 2018 ballot released on Monday,​ many are expecting the inevitable to happen: Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens will be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, if not this year, then in the very near future as their momentum rises. It's getting real.

That is scary for some, and pleasing for others, as there is nobody in the middle to balance the spectrum. Either you'll love it or hate it.

With an expectation of an increase in votes for the polarizing Bonds and Clemens, Morgan was enticed to send out an email to the members of the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) to convince them to block PED users from induction into the hallowed halls of Cooperstown. 

Many were wondering how Morgan received the mailing list to all of the voters. ​​The interesting thing to note is that Morgan's letter did not come from his personal email account. Rather, it came from the official Baseball Hall of Fame email account. This goes to show one thing: that the Hall of Fame is not to keen on the idea of Bonds and Clemens getting inducted next summer, or any summer. This has to be their official statement on the matter. Morgan certainly feels this way, but he didn't go rogue.

​​Morgan's main argument is that no player who was listed on the infamous Mitchell Report should be awarded with enshrinement into the Hall of Fame. That report includes the names of Bonds, Clemens, Gary Sheffield, and Manny Ramirez.

With the Hall of Fame allowing Morgan to use their official email account, it shows there is solidarity between the committee and Morgan on not allowing suspected PED users into Cooperstown.

The Hall of Fame and Joe Morgan may not get their wish, as the expected increase in voter agreements could set up Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens for introduction as members of the 2018 Baseball Hall of Fame Class. The Hall won't comment further on the letter.

But if they're just brazenly trying to target and block certain Hall of Famers, they probably should clarify why they hid behind Joe Morgan.