Sometimes, it's best to just accept the credit you don't deserve. 

Athletes have to deal with mistakes all the time as they're constantly confused with other people. When it comes to Kirk Cousins, we may have one of the best mixups in recent memory after he was mistaken for none other than Demarcus Cousins of the New Orleans Pelicans. 

When Demarcus Cousins was ejected for elbowing Russell Westbrook, a newspaper accidentally claimed it was Kirk who got thrown out of the game. Naturally, the Redskins quarterback took it in stride. 

​​They may have the same last names, but you can tell how opposite these two are just by looking at them.

As good as Kirk's tweet was, some of the replies were even better. 

You better believe the Browns are ready to make a move this offseason to land their man, too

Let's give the newspaper some credit, though. They could have botched this even worse. 

Instead of just letting this pass by, we may now have one of the most unique duos over. Who knows, maybe this can be the beginning of the next buddy cop movie that will sweep the nation.

The Cousins Cousins does have a nice ring to it.