It was nothing short of a gut-wrenching loss for the Seattle Seahawks last night. Down 34-31 with the game on the line in the fourth quarter, kicker Blair Walsh missed a game-tying 52-yard yard field goal. 

The loss knocks the Seahawks out of the playoff picture heading into Week 12, but, for once, Walsh isn't to blame.

It's head coach Pete Carroll. 

Carroll made two very questionable decisions last night, costing his team the game. One included calling a fake field goal attempt with seven seconds left to play in the first half. Holder John Ryan tried to toss a shovel pass to Luke Wilson, but it was immediately sniffed out. It was a horrible play call without a doubt and cost the Seahawks three points before the half. 

The other decision came on a challenge of an incomplete pass to wide receiver Doug Baldwin.  The replay clearly showed the ball hitting the ground, but Carroll chose to challenge anyway. He, of course, lost the challenge and lost a crucial timeout that could've been used down the stretch. 

Carroll was asked about the questionable decisions after the game and still defended what he called. 

It was an awful display of coaching that could cost the Seahawks in the long run. So before you go and get your pitchforks for Blair Walsh, just realize that Peter Caroll deserves most of the blame for what happened last night.