​Not again, Blair Walsh.

We're never ones to call for a player to lose his job, but at some point you'd just expect the man to try a different career path. This just seems harmful to his psyche.

Not only does he have to deal with the media and his teammates after costing the Seahawks a loss against Atlanta, but twitter as well. Let's hope he doesn't check social media often.

How many times are we gonna let this happen? Poor guy.

How'd he even miss that bad, anyway?

It's all starting to come together.

You know ESPN is already working on this, with or without Bill Simmons.

Pete has no right to be shocked, though. For real, what was that fake field goal in the first half?

YOU KNEW, PETE. Just turn and walk towards the locker room.

Seattle just has awful luck with kickers. Or in this case they pick up the one player that's worse than the guy they have. Whoops.

The Pun is magnificent.

Something tells me there won't be cake this time, though.

The locker room won't be kind. That much is obvious.

At least we know Blair doesn't skip leg day.

He'll have plenty of time to hit the gym soon.