​Someone needs to take the blame now that they've lost four of five. 

The Chiefs started off the season as the best team in the NFL, running the ball with authority, and throwing it like the defenders weren't even there. That's changed of late, and Andy Reid seems to have zeroed in on a reason. 

Reid called out quarterback Alex Smith today, and it's not hard to see why. 

​​“The quarterback has the responsibility there,” Reid said. “He’s a standup guy and he’s always going to tell you he can do better.”

Reid was asked about Kansas City's offensive woes, primarily with tempo, and he blamed Smith, calling it the quarterback's responsibility to get the offense into a rhythm. The Chiefs only scored nine points on Sunday against the worst defense in the NFL. 

While Smith hasn't been as sharp in recent weeks, Reid is the genius who gave Kareem Hunt four carries in the first half against a terrible Giants defense, and what makes it even worse is that the Chiefs were coming off a bye. 

Call it a trap game, but the Chiefs no longer have a stranglehold on the AFC West.