​Last night, the Detroit Pistons' Reggie Jackson played some mind games with Jimmy Butler during a last-second, potentially game-tying, free throw.

With the Cavaliers playing the Pistons tonight, LeBron James commented on the mind game played by Jackson. "I've done it before," James told Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com. "I won a playoff series before doing that actually. So, I'm all for it.​​"

The time James is talking about was a series against the Washington Wizards back in 2007. With the game (and series) on the line, Gilbert Arenas had two free throws with his team down one in overtime. 

After missing the first you can see James come up to Arenas, tell him something, then pat him on the chest:

​​The Cavs went on to win the game, giving a little bit of merit to playing head games at the free throw line. You may not like it, Jimmy Butler, but it doesn't matter who's saying what, you've just got to hit your free throws.