Oh Nathan Peterman...you're going to have to change your name after this one. 

The Buffalo Bills made a big statement earlier this week, benching QB Tyrod Taylor in order to get a better look at rookie QB Nathan Peterman. A lot of people saw talent in him, and with the Bills seemingly undergoing an expedited rebuild, this couldn't hurt, right?

The answer, in short is, everything -- it could hurt everything. Peterman tossed a brutal five interceptions in his first half of his first career NFL start, and was promptly benched for his embarrassing performance. ​

​​That's more than three teams have thrown all season. 

Of course, the trolls of the world were not going to let this go unnoticed, as they dove right into Peterman's Wikipedia page for some SAVAGE edits. 

First, they changed his team to the Chargers, while also listing him on "Suicide Watch" as his roster status. To be fair, neither of those things are untrue, so we may as well just leave them up. 

People didn't stop there, though.

​​That factory of sadness in Buffalo is pretty harsh because it hits home for a lot of fans. Tears are their No. 1 export after all. 

Even after all these edits got wiped, someone jumped in to give the final blow. 

​​RIP Nathan Peterman.