​The Bills opted to bench Tyrod Taylor in what was a very surprising move around the league, considering the team holds a 5-4 record and remains in contention for the Playoffs.

Taylor was benched in the Week 10 loss to the Saints, and the team stuck with Nathan Peterman as their starter for their Week 11 tilt against the Chargers. 

It's safe to say that the decision didn't pay off for the Bills, as Peterman threw three interceptions to Chargers defenders in the FIRST QUARTER on Sunday, adding his fourth interception on the day early in the second quarter. 

Richard Sherman is known for being vocal about his opinions via social media, and he didn't back down when ripping the Bills on their decision to bench Taylor in favor of Peterman. 

​​Sherman brings up the question of whether or not the Bills will continue to pledge their faith the Peterman, their fifth-round pick in the 2017 draft. 

Taylor was benched after completing just 9-of-18 passes and throwing an interception, but that pales in comparison to Peterman's horrific outing today. 

Four first half interceptions is not an easy task to do, as Peterman has completed as many passes to Chargers' defenders as he has to his own teammates so far in his first career start.