​This is one of the worst field goal attempts I've ever seen in my life and one of the best reactions too. 

Just when the Bears had their fans full of hope, everything came crashing down. It looked like Mitch Trubisky was going to power through a game-tying drive, and he got the team in field goal range, only to have the potential tying kick go as wide as right can go. 

The announcer was having none of it, and his reaction was simply the best. 

​​Thom Brennaman was on the call, and while words simply cannot do justice to how awful Connor Barth's game-tying attempt was, it's Brennaman's job to try, and I'll be damned if he didn't get close. 

"Not even close... Holy Moly" may not even begin to cover it, but the dejection in Brennaman's voice sure bridges the gap. The snap was okay, the hold was much better, and Barth had every chance to knock it through. 

He just choked, and Brennaman's reaction should speak for itself.