After 18 years of the famous Mike & Mike radio and TV show featuring Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic, the duo finally decided to sign off for the final time together on Friday.

It was an emotional ending to a show that has become part of the morning norm for most sports fans, and it's epic run has solidified these two amongst the most prominent sports journalists in the game.

When one thing comes to an end, another thing begins as Greenberg will be the "Mike Francesca" of the group and embark on his own solo journey. After much anticipation of what his show's new name would be, well, without further delay, he has finally come forward with it.

Eh, we'll be honest Mike, we're not really impressed here. You gotta do better than that. It just doesn't seem to flow as well as "Mike and Mike." It kind of takes on that boring moniker and obvious presentation like that of "The Today Show" or "Live! With Ryan and Kelly."

You're telling me he didn't want to give "The Grass is Always Greener With Mike Greenberg" a try??

**Sigh** Talk about a missed opportunity.

Well, luckily it's the content within that counts, and since Mike has been in the game for a long time, we expect it to be good...or at least better than the shows name, at least.